Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Juvenile Diabetes Research Fundraiser

Last weekend, Fire Pixie donated a Prince and Princess to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's fundraiser, "Royal Ball, Kingdom for a Cure." This is the second year in a row our entertainers have donated their time to this event, and it's a really wondeful experience for everyone involved! This year there were 150 families in attendance, and from our "Cinderella" Patrice's firsthand account, they did a truly amazing job of making this event magical! 

When I arrived I walked through the velvet drapes to find a beautiful painting with a castle and horses. All the guest were dressed as their favorite Prince or Princess, with beautiful dresses, and tuxes! When I was telling Prince Charming it was my turn to do balloons, a man who was on stilts and who was 15 feet tall walked by with a cute puppy in his hands. When I looked to the left of me there was a huge castle the kids were jumping in, and a jousting tournament for the kids! 
As soon as the children noticed me they asked me if I was here for the ball, and I said "of course." Then the dukes began to blow on their horns and they announced dinner. 
When I walked into the dining hall, it was breathtaking. There were beautiful streamers hanging above every table they were pink,purple, yellow, all the colors of the rainbow. There was a different crown on all the tables and every Prince and Princess got their own goblet. They played Princess music, and even had a royal purple carpet to walk down. I walked from table to table talking to the little Princesses and Princes, and making them balloons. All of them were so happy to see me, and one Princesses even asked if she could try on my glass slipper. 
When dinner was almost done, and all the balloons were handed out, I began to dance with some of the children, until we heard that there was going to be a puppet show. We went back to the main room and the children watched a puppet show about a Princess. I then was asked if I wanted to ride in the horse drawn carriage, and how could I turn that down! So I went outside and got inside the carriage and took some pictures. Then one lucky girl got to ride around with me and tell me all about herself!! I was a truly magical party!!!
We'll post some pictures of that horse and carriage when we get them.  If you'd like to donate to the JDRF, you can do so on their website.  It's so wonderful when organizations like this can do so much good, and do it by making so many kids' dreams come true!

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