Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Party Game Ideas -- Fairy Costume Relay

Throwing a Fairy themed party and looking for ways to keep those mischievous Fairies entertained and having fun? 

Here's a great variation on a well known party game: Fairy Costume Relay! It's super simple to set up, and a great way to keep the kids engaged until your own Fairy entertainer arrives. 

You will need two sets of the following items: fairy tutu, slippers, halo and wand. Divide the players into two teams. Make a path for them to follow to get to the items. You can line a path with flowers or toadstools or even balloons staked into the ground. Players must put on the costume and flutter, dance or “fly” like a fairy down the fairy path and back to their teams. 

Once a player has completed this task, she passes the costume to the next player, who will do the same thing.

The first team to have all of its players run the course in the costume wins the race.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Party Snack Idea -- Shark Melon

Looking for creative ideas for snacks for your upcoming party? This watermelon shark is perfect for Pirate and Mermaid parties, and has the added bonus of encouraging kids to eat their fruits!

It's so simple to make! All you need is a watermelon (additional fruit optional) a knife, a melon baller, some toothpicks, and a little time. 

Check out the full step-by-step instructions from

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Party Game Ideas -- Cowby Hat Musical Chairs

Here's a great idea for a themed twist on a traditional party game: Cowboy Hat Musical Chairs! It's super simple to set up, and a great way to keep the kids having fun until your Cowboy entertainer arrives.

Here's how it works:
Line Cowboy hats up in a side-by-side row, one less hat than there is Cowboy.
Start the music. Someone will have to stand by and control the music player as it is used during the game.

Line kids up at one end of the row of hats and have them walk in a circle, around the hats, as the music plays.
The person in charge of the music will stop the music at random intervals.
Any time the music stops, the players must put on a hat. Because there is one less hat than needed, this will cause kids to hurry to find one.
When all the hats have been claimed, one player will be left standing. That player is out of the game.
Take away another hat, start the music and play as many rounds as it takes until you are left with one hat and two players. The player who grabs the last hat when the music stops wins.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Party Game Idea -- Earn Your Fairy Wings

If you’re planning to give out fairy wings at your party, this game is a fun way to do it! 

Start by writing several tasks on small pieces of paper. Fold the papers and insert them into red balloons. Blow up the balloons and decorate them with white, round stickers to make them look like mushroom tops. Then, scatter the balloons around the garden.
Gather the fairies and tell them that in order to earn their wings, they must find a mushroom balloon, sit on it until it pops and retrieve the command that is inside. The fairies must bring their commands to the holder of the wings (a parent, or your own Fairy Princess entertainer) and perform the written task. The holder bestows the wings upon a fairy when she completes her task.

Tasks can be as simple or extravagant as you desire, and should probably be decided according to the age of the players. Some ideas include:
  • Balance a fairy wand on your head.
  • Flutter around the party space on your tip-toes.
  • Make up a fairy rhyme.
  • Name three famous fairies.
  • Draw a flower.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Party Decor Idea -- Balloon Arch

We've got you covered for balloon animals, but why not take it one step further and make this beautiful balloon arch to decorate your party, and create a beautiful backdrop for all those party photos?

Here's what you'll need:

Chicken wire
Glue gun & glue
Command hooks
Balloon pump
Shipping tape
Duct tape
Gorilla tape
Wire cutters
Fishing line

Check out the full tutorial from The House That Lars Built.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Bay Area Parent's "Best of the Best" Voting is Open

It's that time of the year again: time to vote for your favorites in the Bay Area Parent's Best of the Best contest! 

Fire Pixie has had the honor of receiving this award several times, including in 2017, and we'd love if you could take a moment to vote for us for 2018!

"Join with other parents to highlight what makes the Bay Area such a vibrant place to raise your family. Vote for your family favorites in categories ranging from museums to martial arts instruction, day camp to dance class and so many more!"

Thousands of votes will be tallied and the resulting top businesses and organizations in each category will be published in our Best of the Best 2018 issue and on BAP's website in late July.

Voting is quick, easy and lots of fun! Polls close at midnight on April 30, so don't miss this opportunity to make your vote count! 

Vote for Fire Pixie Entertainment in the East Bay Entertainment section, under party entertainer

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Party Craft Idea -- Cardboard Superhero Phone Booth

Here's a great idea for a DIY cardboard phone booth for your little superhero's birthday party! This makes a great backdrop for all those adorable superhero pictures, and you can even use it as part of a Superhero relay race, where guests race to put on an oversized blazer, shoes, and glasses, and run to their team's phone booth to change out of the disguise and in to the superhero cape, mask, and boots. Then, they rush back to their team and remove the superhero costume, and pass it to the next member of their team, who put it on, and runs back again. The first team whose members complete the race wins!

What you'll need to make your very own phone booth: 
  • 2 cardboard wardrobe boxes (approximately 24" x 20" x 48")
  • Masking tape
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife
  • Red latex interior paint
  • Light blue paper
  • 1" painter's tape
  • White poster board
  • Shoe box
  • Cardboard tube
  • Paper cup
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Yarn

And here are the step-by-step instructions from