Sunday, May 2, 2010

Princess Face Painting

I went to a party in San Francisco last Sunday as Sleeping Beauty, and had a wonderful time doing magic, balloon twisting and lots of other fun stuff with the kids - no face painting this time. I was a bit surprised when I looked up and noticed that one of the other littler girls already had her face painted! She was a late arrival and snuck in quietly to the back. When I got a closer look at her, I saw that her paint was slightly faded but holding up well - this must be face paint from yesterday's party, I concluded.

I looked a little closer and bells started going off in my head. The style looked SO familiar! I knew I'd seen that type of princess crown before.. and then it hit me. She must have had Rachel as her Princess yesterday! I see a lot of face painting, and I've always admired Rachel as being one of the best painters out there - we're really lucky to have her here at Fire Pixie.

I asked the little girl, and she confirmed that it had been Princess Belle who painted her face, so as soon as I got back to the office I called up Rachel and sure enough! She remembered the little girl and was completely tickled that she lik
ed the face paint so much that she didn't want to wash it off.. and blown away that I recognized her style, especially from "yesterday's" face painting. :)

And tell me truly: would YOU want to wash this masterpiece off? :) :)

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