Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tangled! Romance and memories and delight.

Today I went and saw Tangled, and it was delightful.  It had one of the prettiest princess-romance scenes EVER.  Rapunzel and her man are floating on a still lake while fire lanterns float above and reflect below them.. it's really delightful.  Made more so, because I experienced the real thing at the Loi Krathong festival in Thailand, when I was on my honeymoon.  It was magical and delightful then, and this movie just brought it all back.  We went to Chiang Mai, where Loi Krathong is celebrated the most, and had only the vaguest inkling that this festival was about to happen.. imagine our delight, when for 3 full days the night sky was filled with THOUSANDS of fire lanterns, and the river was transformed into a firey serpent of light with the floating lanterns.   

Since I have sort of an affinity for fire, I got just as excited as Rapunzel does in the movie.  My newlywed hubby and I set off our own fire lantern, and made a wish as we sent it off into the night .. and the next morning, our wish had come true.  Prove-ably and undeniably true.  Fire lanterns are magic. 

I spent half the movie being miss weepy-eyes (I have a tendency to lose it whenever cartoons sing) and the other half analyzing Rapunzel's dress for reproduction in my costume shop.  I think I really identified with Rapunzel.. right after I got out of the movie, I was slightly surprised that my reflection in the mirror did not have incredibly long hair.

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