Thursday, February 2, 2012

Glitter Walk San Francisco Photos & Stories

Last year's Glitter Walk took place on Saturday, September 17, 2011, and is part of the large California Coastal Cleanup Day event hosted by Golden Gate National Parks, California Coastal Commission, and Recology.  The Golden Gate Mother's Club hosted a beach cleanup, and Fire Pixie donated a fabulous Glitter Fairy, to walk around and help the kids learning to clean up trash, and reward them with sparkles and compliments.. and, of course, LOTS of glitter!

From the Glitter Walk Founder...

Setting: The beach, with our containers, huge gloves, and toy fishing nets.. Maryjane in her sparkly, light-up shoes because she never leaves home without them on her feet (except for school) and Nora in her ballet tutu because that is all she wears.

Maryjane: What ARE those? They are everywhere!
Me: Those are called cigarettes.
Maryjane: Cigarettes? What are they for?
Me: Um, people put them in their mouths and suck on one end. Those are the leftovers on the ground.
Maryjane: People suck on them!? Actually menactually!?
Me: Yep, actually menactually.
Maryjane: I can’t imagine that. Are they garbage?
Me: Definitely garbage, and not good for the birds and fish so let’s put them in our containers and throw them away.
Maryjane: Ok! And I don’t think I’ll ever want to suck on the end of one of those things.
Me: I think that is a good choice.

Oh, the endless possible good habit messages available when picking up trash together with your children!

The kids are STILL talking about this event!  We just received a few wonderful photos from the organizer, and I can't believe how much fun it looks like these kids are having.  Add a Glitter Fairy, and anything becomes a game!

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