Friday, October 12, 2012

Whales and Mermaids and October

Last Friday was my 4th wedding anniversary.. yay!  Darrell and I took the day off and went down to Half Moon Bay.  We made a picnic lunch to eat at the beach, then we went pumpkin-hay-maze-frolicking and then to a fancy dinner.  

We got to the beach and it was all crowded with kids - which wasn't too bad as there was plenty of space and we had a good time watching the kids playing in the sand, digging holes, and eating their hot dogs.  There were maybe 100 kids there and they were all wearing blue t-shirts - we spent a while making up stories about what they were doing there, where they'd come from, etc.  We also saw a humpback whale quite near the beach, spouting water into the sky.  Yay, whales!

Then we went to the pumpkin patch and hay maze.  On the actual day after our actual wedding 4 years ago we discovered this place, so it was a good anniversary destination.  There were a gajillion different types of pumpkins and squashes (YUM) and we loaded up the smart car with them.  There were also crazy statues and things everywhere.  Much silliness ensued.

After that we drove south on Highway 1, with a couple hours to kill before our dinner reservation.  We stopped at a little beach and scrambled around, found a cave with waves splashing through it and took a thoroughly wonderful soaking when the waves surprised us with their vigor.

Realizing we had about 1.5 hours until a fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant, and all we had were beach-soaked clothes, we swung by a Goodwill to get brand-new fancy clothes.  Darrell struck out but I found a $5 "little black dress" that was just perfect, and made me feel incredibly decadent.  "See?  I bought a brand-new dress JUST for this occasion and I may never wear it again after tonight.."

We finished up the night at La Fondue.  If you haven't been.. well, go.  It was pretty awesome.  Wine, cheese, and chocolate.  What else is there to say?  Oh, except that you get to cook your food yourself and also they have chocolate flambe fondue and WOW I ate a lot.

All in all a great anniversary.

The next day I was entertaining kids as the Little Mermaid in Burlingame.  The kids wanted to see me change from a mermaid into a human, magically, and I told them that can only happen if I'm on a beach.  "We went to the beach yesterday!" they exclaimed.  "There was a humpback whale there!!"

"Oh, were you the one wearing the blue shirt?"  I asked.

"Yes, we all had blue shirts on."

"I was swimming with that humpback whale by the beach yesterday.  I could smell those hot dogs you were eating.  And, what were you digging for in the sand, with all those shovels?  Didn't you see me waving at you from the water?"

(stunned silence from all the parents, guileless acceptance from all the kids)

"You should have swum closer to the beach," they told me.  "We couldn't see you that far away."

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