Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Handmade Sleeping Beauty Crown

My Wonderflex arrived yesterday!!

Wonderflex is a sculpting material that's basically a heat-moldable plastic sheet with a fiber backing. It sticks to itself really well, so multiple pieces can be fused together, and it's easy to shape with just a hair dryer or heat gun. It's used a lot for making Cosplay armor or other "hard" costume pieces, but it's lightweight, paintable, sandable and really easy to work with.

 I didn't have a project in mind - I just know that multiple times in the past, I've wanted to make accessories or costume pieces that are harder or more armour-like than fabric can be, so I ordered a sheet of it, and I'm having so much fun.

 I wanted to start simple so I decided to do a Sleeping Beauty crown for my first project. It's a simple circle without a whole lot of shaping, so I figured it'd be a good learning piece. It turned out just gorgeous.    :)

Bare wonderflex.  I traced a quarter to be sure the circular cutouts on the side front of the crown were even and perfectly round.

The piece I originally cut was a little too small so I bridged the back seam with another small piece, ending up with two seams (but it fits PERFECTLY)

I sanded and primered, then spray painted it bright gold.

Then I painted it with gold leaf and highlighted again with the gold spray paint.  Then I finished with a spray sealer with a glossy finish.


It fits really perfectly - it's light and flexible and comfortable, and the multi-hued gold paint really gleams.  So happy with how this turned out!

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