Monday, August 19, 2013

Quarry Lakes Mermaid Swim in Fremont, CA

Our local swimming mermaid pod had a fantastic get-together and swim party at Quarry Lakes in Fremont in late July.  

The San Francisco Bay Area pod, hosted by the Mermaid Atlantis, gets together at least once a month to swim, giggle, exchange mermaid secrets and flip our fins at each other.  This was the first gathering I've attended and it was absolutely delightful and fun.

Julie from the Tri-City Voice Newspaper came out and took some photos and wrote up an article about the event, and about mermaid culture in general.  It's a fun read, and besides, I got my picture in the paper in my brand new tail.  Who says nothing interesting ever happens in the suburbs?

These mermaid get-togethers usually draw around 10-15 people - professional mermaids, semi-pro ladies with their own home made tails, and newbies who just love mermaids or want to try swimming in a tail for the first time.  It's so delightful to watch women (and the occasional intrepid mer-man) light up and giggle, and live out this childhood fantasy that so many of us had.  

Some days I just feel so lucky to be a mermaid!

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