Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Frozen Elsa Mermaid Available for Parties in the San Francisco Bay Area

 What if Elsa decided she wanted to become a mermaid for the day?

Well, we already know she has wardrobe transformation powers.  She can also create life.  Who's to say she couldn't wave her hand and transform herself into a mermaid?

Introducing Mermaid Elsa -- available for parties and events in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Invite her to your birthday party and your guests' jaws will drop.  The only thing better than swimming with a Mermaid is swimming with their favorite Ice Queen, transformed into a mermaid!

This is a unique swim party idea that kids age 2-12 will just love, and adults will light up too when they see Elsa the Mermaid swim.
Elsa the Mermaid

For an over-the-top unforgettable pool party, invite both Elsa and Ariel to your event and watch them swim together.  They will tell stories of how Elsa got to swim under the sea to visit Atlantia, meet King Triton and Sebastian the Crab, and learn what it's like to Let it Go and experience the sea.

Mermaids Elsa and Ariel

More about our Swimming Mermaid shows here.

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