Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Little Princesses That Make Us Go "Awwww!"

We do so many parties, and pose for so many pictures with adorable, happy little ones, but it's not every day that we actually get to see them. Sometimes, though, when we check the palace mail, we find treasures! 

Erin was Elsa for this very special 4th birthday a few weeks ago. There was magic, singing, face painting, balloon twisting, and games, and clearly Erin made quite the impression.

It's easy to forget just how much what we do means to our party hosts and their little Princesses. For us, it might be just another day at the office, but for them, it's creating memories they'll treasure always. So thanks for the reminders, Miranda! We'll keep them where we need them most:

Fire Pixie HQ

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