Friday, August 5, 2016

Party Game Ideas - Panning for Gold

Having a Cowboy or Toy Story themed party? This super simple party game is a great way to keep your little Buckaroos laughing and having fun until your Cowboy entertainer arrives!

What you'll need:

  • a kiddie pool
  • aluminum pie pans
  • rocks
  • gold spray paint
  • sand (enough to fill the pool just over half way)
  • buckets for collecting gold

First, you'll want to spray paint your rocks gold a couple days before the event to be sure they're 100% dry on the day. Then, poke holes in your aluminum pans with a hammer and nail, just big enough to let sand slip through. Fill your kiddie pool just over half way with sand water (for older kids, add a few extra inches of water, for a bit more of a challenge), and bury your "gold" throughout. Have the kids use the pie pans as the sifting pans to scoop up a pile of sand and rocks. Move the pan from side to side emptying out the pan to reveal if there are any gold nuggets. No hands allowed - kids must only use their pans, and whoever discovers the most gold nuggets wins! Or, you can even set up a mini trading post, where kids can exchange their nuggets for prizes or candy. 

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