Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Party Game Ideas -- Cowby Hat Musical Chairs

Here's a great idea for a themed twist on a traditional party game: Cowboy Hat Musical Chairs! It's super simple to set up, and a great way to keep the kids having fun until your Cowboy entertainer arrives.

Here's how it works:
Line Cowboy hats up in a side-by-side row, one less hat than there is Cowboy.
Start the music. Someone will have to stand by and control the music player as it is used during the game.

Line kids up at one end of the row of hats and have them walk in a circle, around the hats, as the music plays.
The person in charge of the music will stop the music at random intervals.
Any time the music stops, the players must put on a hat. Because there is one less hat than needed, this will cause kids to hurry to find one.
When all the hats have been claimed, one player will be left standing. That player is out of the game.
Take away another hat, start the music and play as many rounds as it takes until you are left with one hat and two players. The player who grabs the last hat when the music stops wins.

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