Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Party Game Ideas -- Fairy Costume Relay

Throwing a Fairy themed party and looking for ways to keep those mischievous Fairies entertained and having fun? 

Here's a great variation on a well known party game: Fairy Costume Relay! It's super simple to set up, and a great way to keep the kids engaged until your own Fairy entertainer arrives. 

You will need two sets of the following items: fairy tutu, slippers, halo and wand. Divide the players into two teams. Make a path for them to follow to get to the items. You can line a path with flowers or toadstools or even balloons staked into the ground. Players must put on the costume and flutter, dance or “fly” like a fairy down the fairy path and back to their teams. 

Once a player has completed this task, she passes the costume to the next player, who will do the same thing.

The first team to have all of its players run the course in the costume wins the race.

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