Saturday, January 17, 2009

2 New Baby-Pixies

They say the first time a baby laughs, a fairy is born... 

Well, all the fairies here at Fire Pixie have been laughing like crazy, and our Fire Pixie Family has brought two new babies into the world!!

Stephanie (our gorgeous Tinkerbell) delivered a new baby boy named Thomas on January 9th.  She's at home with him, doing just great, and he's absolutely beautiful and magical!   We think he'll grow up to be a very handsome prince some day and are busy showering him with magical fairy gifts of strength, courage, intelligence and charm.   

And just 2 days ago, Annie, our amazing Fairy Godmother/Office Manager, gave birth to a little Princess!  Her name is Melody (what a perfect name for a little princess) and she's the 4th in Annie's Dynasty.  This definitely means her life will always be filled with giggles and magic, for ever and ever!   Mom and baby are still in the hospital recovering, but everyone is doing great and they can't wait to bring their newest Princess home.   Judging by her other amazing kids, Princess Melody could grow up to be absolutely anything or anyone she wants, and all the Princesses here at Fire Pixie are getting her glass slippers ready for that first birthday ball!

Congratulations, Stephanie and Annie!  

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