Friday, January 16, 2009

Little Girl's Eyes

On my way home from a show yesterday I was at a stoplight and saw a mom pushing her 3 or 4 year old daughter in a stroller.  Mom was in a bit of a hurry, a bit distracted and impatient for the light to change.  As she pushed the little girl past the gas station on the corner, the little girl cried out and started waving her arms around excitedly and pointing back the way they'd come.. 

They backed up, and I saw what she was so excited about.  In the neglected little patch of green grass between the gas station and the sidewalk there was a lone dandelion, white and fluffy and begging to be picked and wished upon.  Mom plucked it out of the grass and handed it to her little girl, who, beaming, closed her eyes to wish and then blew as hard as she could to scatter the fuzz...

As I watched this play out, and watched the worry lines on Mom's face disappear and her stride slow down and relax, I just felt so grateful for the presence of little girls in the world.  Little girls see beauty and wishes everywhere!  Where we see a patch of weeds, they see a whole universe of magic to explore.  Where we see a red light in our way, they see an opportunity tos slow down, look around and discover the beauty around them.  

When I woke up and went outside this morning I looked up and saw the moon on its way to the horizon to set.. I remembered that little girl, I looked at the moon with little-girl-eyes.  I made a wish on the morning star and felt the worries and stresses in my head fall away for just a minute.  :)  What a gift that was.

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