Monday, January 19, 2009

Princess Natasha's Weekend

I've been writing a lot about my own experience and I want to turn the floor over to some of our other Princesses - everyone has such different experiences each weekend and each of us gets changed by every party we do. Here's our first "guest blogger", Princess Natasha, on her weekend:

On Saturday I was Natasha the Pirate who just escaped from a ship that was controlled by Captain Swagley. While walking along the beach, I found an invitation to a 6 year old girl's birthday party. Well I had just taken Tinkerbell's rainbow from her and wanted to show somebody my new trinket, so I figured I could go to that birthday party and show all the guests my collection of treasures. When I got there, all the kids magically helped me find that rainbow that I thought I had forgotten on ship. Then after throwing some paint onto their faces to make them look like pirates, mermaids, tigers, and fairies, it was time for a sword fighting lesson. Once everyone received their balloon sword, the lesson began, and you know, they were really turning into genuine pirates! Especially the birthday girl! When the tug-a-war match began, I could see the pirate coming out of her as she gritted her teeth in anticipation for the match to begin. And let me tell you... those girls at the party had strength! They beat all the boys! I even tried to help the boys, but those girls were even too strong for me! I noticed that the grown-ups looked like they wanted in on some of the excitement, so after getting the kid's permission for the grown-ups to have a turn, I chose four adults to have a match with. They also had a blast! I had such a great time being a pirate that when I got home I had to gargle with salt water from too much pirate-speak! I've never thrown myself into being a pirate quite so much - the kids at this party really inspired me!

Then the next day, after I transformed myself into Tinkerbell, I noticed that the house that I got a birthday invitation for was the direct neighbor of another birthday girl that I did Alice for a few months back. I even saw the other birthday girl there, but she didn't recognize me at all while she was telling me about her amazing visit from Alice at her birthday party! The birthday girl and all of her friends became beautiful fairies after I sprinkled some of my pixie dust onto them. And what do all fairies love to do? Dance! I ended up teaching them the Bunny Hop and we even did a little Hokey Pokey. But before I left, I had to do a pinkie promise with the birthday girl to have a very, very, very, very, very good 5th year!

This weekend was so magical!

Princess Natasha

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