Monday, January 26, 2009


Today as I was hunting through the massive piles of paper on my desk here at Fire Pixie HQ, I found a beautiful jewel of a thank-you card. It was a Thanksgiving greeting card (I suppose it had been buried since Thanksgiving! Oh dear..) for one of our Princesses. The birthday girl had turned 4 in 2007 and had Sleeping Beauty come to visit, and remembered her so well that she wanted to send her a Thanksgiving card in 2008! It was a beautiful card and letter, with dictation from the little girl about how well she remembered her birthday, and beautiful coloring and pictures of Sleeping Beauty inside the card. It melted my heart just to find it!

The princess-in-question has since moved to New York to become a big star, and so I hurriedly packaged up the letter and sent it off to her, without letting her know it's coming - in a day or two she will get this beautiful letter, drawing, and happy surprise to brighten her day. I got a warm fuzzy just for forwarding it on.

Within an hour of when the postman came and picked up the letter, I got another phone call from a grandparent whose special little girl had a different entertainer, our fairy "Flora," visit her back in October. It seems this little girl still dreams and thinks about Flora almost daily - writing her notes, drawing her pictures, and leaving gifts out in grandma's garden for Flora to find. Grandma wanted to know if Flora might be able to send a picture or a special note to this little girl, so she knows her gifts are finding Flora well and happy. :)

Well... of COURSE!! Princess Audrey, who plays Flora, is still entertaining with us regularly, and I forwarded this little girl's request over to her right away. I don't know what magic will happen when the two of them connect, but I'm positive that everyone involved will be so much richer for the experience. I know my day is brightened so much already..

We do so many shows, as Princesses, that after a while they can seem to run together in our minds. It's so wonderful to be reminded that each of those little girls we're touching is seeing us with fresh eyes, fresh imaginations and fresh hearts full of love. I know a part of me falls in love with each little girl I meet at a party, and I'm sure the rest of our entertainers do too. I can feel that I've chosen the correct path in life when that love is suddenly and unexpectedly reciprocated.  :)

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