Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tinkerbell & Peter Pan

This week our guest blogger is Princess Jenni!  Here's a story from one of the shows she did last weekend - a big fun party where Jenni played Tinkerbell and was joined by Peter Pan (played by Alex).  Sounds like they had a great party.. 

As Peter Pan and I (Tink) touched down after the long flight from Never Never Land, we could hardly think with all the lost boys and girls and little Wendy’s running around. We got right to work, gathering all the kids in a room FILLED with balloons from wall to wall! I sat next to the birthday girl and we readied ourselves for Peter’s marvelous story of his journey through time. He told us about how he met Wendy, how he fought Captian Hook, and how he saved the WORLD!!! Well…. saved Never Never Land that is!!! As I sat next to the birthday girl holding her hand at the scary parts, we were captivated by his story! Peter even shared a little of my pixie dust with everyone!!! We tried to teach the kids to fly, but I guess I brought the wrong pixie dust because we just couldn’t get anyone into the air.
After the story we gathered ourselves and got ready for some face paint! As we painted Tinkerbelle’s, butterflies, cheetahs, rainbows and more, the kids danced around with happiness as they transformed into their face paint and were given a little more pixie dust… just to see if maybe this time it would make them fly!
Once everyone had their share of face paint and pixie dust the balloon swards, flowers and animals came out to play! We had a contest to see who could keep their balloon from popping the longest, but then a sward fight broke out between Captain Hook and the last boys and girl and the popping was all down hill from there! 
As Peter and I said our goodbyes and got ourselves ready to fly back to Never Never Land the kids waved goodbye and watched us fly away over the roof tops of all the pretty little houses.
It was a great day! Peter Pan and I could not have asked for!

When the entertainers have a lot of fun at a party, it almost always means the kids are having fun too - and when the kids are having fun, that allows the parents to have a good time!  We got this feedback from the birthday girl's mom:
Jenni was brilliant with a roomful of 4 year olds. She managed the throng when she gave out trinkets, and really read the kids well when doing facepainting -- giving room to the quieter kids and meeting the energy of the more outgoing ones. We would definitely request Jenni again for this age group!
Loved working with you! Very professional, providing all the right information to make a good decision. We would definitely work with Firepixie again, and many of our friends inquired as well. Fairy Princess Jenni was a HUGE hit!
Thanks so much for the feedback.. we love hearing about everything we're doing right and doing wrong and we LOVE touching those kids' hearts!

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