Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Keep your Pants On!

This just in from Rachel, our fantastic face-painting Jasmine:
I show up as Jasmine, to do face painting and they have a inflatable water slide/pool. So they were in bathing suits. Not the best conditions to face paint in since the paint will wash off in the pool, and so I waited until the end of the party to do it. The birthday girl's 3-year-old brother decided he wanted a rainbow dragon. Since the colors take up a large space, I thought the best place to put this was on his back.
WELL... I asked him, "Where am I going to put it?" and he pulls down his pants and grabs his......and says "Put it on -"
"NO, let's put it on your back!" I abruptly cut in. And I had to keep saying, "Keep your pants on! Keep your pants on!"
His mother was next to him, and she didn't see him do this. She must have been wondering why I was saying, "Keep your pants on!" Definitely a memorable party.

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