Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Community

Fire Pixie feels privileged to be able to make donations to the communities in the Bay Area for fundraisers or charity auctions, helping out schools that have been hit by budget crises (not unusual in California!) or whose funds have been slashed due to the rocky economic times.

I just got a letter this morning from the Lafayette Elementary School PTA (we donated a free show to their auction) saying that they've raised over $72,000 this year through fundraising and community outreach! Here's what they're doing with it:
"Three days after the auction, the school purchased 30 new, stand-alone, flat panel iMac computers for the school's computer lab. The children LOVE them! The school also purchased additional document cameras to provide all teachers with this tool to improve the teaching and learning experience. Now, everyone who needs one, has one."
Sometimes a little thing like a Princess Party might feel a bit silly, frivolous, or expendable (if never forgettable!). It makes my heart sing to see concrete results of our donation really touching kids, changing their lives every day and enabling them to learn and grow in such a fun and fabulous way.

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