Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here is a very wonderful & inspiring story from one of our past parties.. it feels SO amazing to know that we are inspiring the kids we entertain, and that a compliment or smile from "Cinderella" can mean so much to a little girl!

I had been meaning to write Fire Pixie this story and keep forgetting. Your “Cinderella” came to her party for her 4th birthday. It was a life changing moment for her!! She was so impressed by your princess that she begged me for dancing lessons so she could be just like Cinderella. So I enrolled her at a private Studio here in Castro Valley. We found she is very talented for her age and the studio asked if she would become a competitive dancer for them. But Savana, being the diva she is, insisted that she would only do a “Cinderella” dance solo and must be dressed like Cinderella that came to our house.

Well, she won several of her competitions this last season and her room is filled with trophies. And she loves the stage and the judges keep telling us that she has “it”, whatever it is! She performed at the fair this last summer and also at the MGM in Las Vegas.

I posted my home video of the fair performance on youtube at


If the link doesn’t work, just search youtube on: Savana at the Fair

Take a look at what you inspired!!:-) And thank you!!

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