Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cinderella Wishes for Young and Old

Today I played Cinderella at a birthday party for a fabulous 4-year-old, then headed across the bay and performed a Cinderella Singing Telegram for a fabulous 73-year-old.  What a delight.

I've been Cinderella a million times for the little ones (217 times in the last 7 years, to be exact).  I think she may be my favorite character to play.  This show was especially fun since the birthday girl's older sister was there too, and I'd performed for her 3rd birthday back in 2003..  She had her other 10-year-old friends there, and the four of them were almost more excited by the Princess energy than the little ones were!  They knew all the words to all the Disney songs I could throw at them, and gave me a run for my money on princess trivia.  :)

But the real jewel of the day was performing for the 73 year old.  It was a birthday / retirement party, and the guest of honor had run an operating room at a local hospital for the last 30 years.  I sang to her, danced with her, did some magic for her and declared her an official Princess of the Realm, and thanked her for all her wonderful love and hard work for her patients over the years.  The sparkle in her eyes really rivaled the 4 year old's for excitement!

Being a Princess is exhausting hard work at times, but days like today fill me up with so much gratitude - how lucky am I, to be able to just put on a costume and then create that look of happiness in so many different eyes?

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