Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stilt Walking & Walkaround Performers at the California Academy of Sciences with KDFC

On Halloween, Fire Pixie partnered  with KDFC to bring some walk around characters and stilt walkers to the California Academy of Sciences.  We had a terrific time!  

Most of the kids had no idea who the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter were.  :)  I guess, without Alice, the minor Wonderland characters just sort of take a back seat.  The adults seemed to love us though, and *we* had a terrific time (Off with ALL your heads!) so that's really what matters in my book.  My philosophy:  if the entertainer is having fun, the audience is having fun.  

Plus, recognizable character or not, kids adore stilt walkers!  I had a little Princess trailing me around for a good 20 minutes, to the great exasperation of her mom, wanting to tell me all about her halloween and what she will be when she grows up and "why are you so tall anyway?" and a million other fancies.  

The mad hatter isn't really that tall.  He's jumping.  I think I made him feel tiny.  


Fairy Princess Carmen had a swarm of adoring kids chasing her the whole time!  Fairies are natural science too, you know.

"Why *are* you so tall?"  (I eat too many vegetables)

Princesses and queens and hatters!

At the Penguin Exhibit.  The mad hatter has a pension for penguins.

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