Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fire Pixie Year-end Wrap up

As the year comes to a close, I find myself taking advantage of the quiet to take a look around and a look back, and see how far we've come this year.

First, some fun stats..

Most popular characters in the SF area in 2010:  Little Mermaid (we did 134 shows) and Cinderella (108 shows).  These are closely followed by our Fairy Princess, Sleeping Beauty and Tinkerbell (97, 73 and 68 shows respectively).

The whole company did nearly 1100 shows total.. thanks so much to all our clients!  At an average of 12 kids per party, that means we made well over 13,000 kids happy this year!!  (No wonder Santa was so nice to us this Christmas..)  We also reached 534 fans on our Facebook page.. yay!

This year saw our biggest expansions ever.. we launched Fire Pixie SoCal and Fire Pixie New York this year!  Both areas are growing like crazy and I can't wait to see how we all do in 2011.

New characters that I got to make costumes for this year included Rapunzel (with glowing hair!), the Queen of Hearts, and my MOST amazing Swimming Mermaid tail.  I also added Rainbow Brite and Rosetta to my costume closet.. making costumes is just so much fun.

Speaking of sewing, I launched the Fire Pixie Fashion web site this year and started selling faerie-inspired hoodies and warm things on my new Etsy store.

I also got a chance to travel to Brazil, where I had the privilege of face painting on board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.. that was the experience of a lifetime!

We wrapped up the year with our Christmas Video .. that was a LOT of fun to make.

Among all these accomplishments, though, I think the very very best of it all was getting to meet and know all our fantastic entertainers.  Every single entertainer here at Fire Pixie is a pure delight - each one is enthusiastic, talented, gorgeous and energetic and I am SO lucky to have met them all and to have the privilege of working with them every day!  Thank you all so much for making this year such an amazing one.. here's to 2010, and may we grow together and have lots of adventures in 2011!

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