Friday, February 25, 2011

Glowing Rapunzel Hair Night

Once upon a time, three Princesses journeyed through the rainy, windy night to the Fire Pixie Castle, where they spent the evening laughing, braiding each other's hair, and kindling healing magic and glowing lights... 

That's right.. we now have 3 Rapunzels with magical glowing hair, and one more who will soon join us in the glowing Rapunzel sisterhood.  :)

We contacted our favorite local fairy magic supply store, Cool Neon, and the elves there sent us the spell ingredients with amazing dispatch (I think the supplies somehow arrived *before* we ordered them!)  

We invited our local electroluminescent wire Wizard to help with the spells.  He uses a special branch of magic called "science."   We don't know how he does it, but we are eternally grateful and have granted him as many Princess wishes as he can use!

The result:  Beautiful, long, flowery and flowing Rapunzel hair that glows softly whenever Rapunzel sings her magic healing incantation.

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