Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sing-Along Little Mermaid at the Castro Theatre

Last night I dragged my hubby to the Sing-Along "The Little Mermaid" showing at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco.  What a blast that was!  The theater was absolutely packed - with kids, adults, couples, and lots of rowdiness.  

There was a kid's costume parade (during which three terrified little girls hid behind their moms' legs up on stage) and an adult costume contest, in which there were at least 4 Ariels, a couple of "Ariel's Sisters" and one fantastically creative girl dressed as a Dinglehopper.  :)  There was also a whole gaggle of jellyfish, with light-up umbrella-based costumes, which were awesome.  I was in costume, of course.. My Ariel costume was probably the most realistic, but the crowd just went nuts for the Dinglehopper (and who can blame them?).

Here's a video we made.  Enjoy!  As you can see from the marquee, it's running March 5-9 so if you MUST experience this (and believe me, you MUST) then there's still lots of time.

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