Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Princess Photos featuring Lanie

Last night I was up late doing a glamorous photo shoot with Princess Lanie.  Lanie's been with Fire Pixie since 2008 and has done over 300 shows for us in that time.  She's been getting so much amazing feedback from clients lately, and has updated some of her gorgeous costumes to make them even fancier.. so we spent all evening dressing up, videotaping, and photo shooting.  We didn't finish until midnight!  But the results are stunning...

I'm having a lot of fun this morning photo shopping her into my favorite Princess Fantasy locations.  It's a joy to work with such a gorgeous model and end up with such beautiful results!

 Here she is as Princess Belle, lookin' fancy.. Lanie says Belle is her favorite Princess to play.

Here she is as Sleeping Beauty.  We got some video of her singing too, and it's just delightful.

Here she is as Rapunzel.  I love the mischievous look on her face in this photo!

We also took updated Elf and Fairy pictures, since her new fairy dress is so much fancier than her old one and since Christmas is on its way.  (Did you know we're having a Holiday Special?  Coupon code is "ELF ME" for $10 off any Christmas character!)

The last thing we did was shoot some video of Lanie's puppet show, which was delightful to watch (although we did rather get the giggles, considering it was almost midnight!)  I haven't had a chance to go through the video yet, but here's a snapshot of her new Puppet Theater!

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