Saturday, January 7, 2012

January Busy-ness!

This time of year, for some reason, the birthday party rush seems to quiet down.  I imagine there are just as many 4 year olds having birthdays as every other time of year, but perhaps the calm after the holiday madness is so delicious that nobody wants to make a fuss about January birthdays.

I have to admit, it's usually a bit of a relief for us as well.  But this weekend we are surprisingly busy!  We've got more shows, as a company, this weekend, than we've had .. well, ever!   We've got a lot of repeat customers this weekend, and a surprising number of fire shows.  I think the gorgeous weather in San Francisco has a lot to do with that.  It feels like spring around here, and we haven't gotten to winter yet. 

It's also interesting to watch the Princess character trends.  Belle seems to be immensely popular during December (probably because of the Beauty & the Beast Christmas movie), and Rapunzel .. well, Rapunzel is popular almost every weekend.  But this weekend I'm going to be Sleeping Beauty and a Woodland Fairy.  I haven't been Sleeping Beauty since Halloween weekend, and I've never worn my Woodland Fairy costume to a birthday party before.  (I'm kind of excited.. it's gorgeous!)

I'm also doing a fire show tonight, and have 3 more in the immediate future (unheard of for January!).   Here is hoping this weather holds. 

For all that, it's still quiet around here.  Peaceful.  "Busy" for January means I have 3 shows (instead of 6, as per usual for the rest of the year) to do this weekend, and everyone else is in the same boat.  

Does your kid have a birthday in the winter?  Do you notice fewer invites this time of year?  Or are people just having smaller indoor parties?

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