Thursday, January 12, 2012

Swimming Mermaids, Oracles, and Pirates

I've been getting a surprising number of Swimming Mermaid inquiries and bookings, for the winter months.  (Here's hoping all those pools are heated!)  Many of the parties are adults-only, which is all kinds of fun.  I don't have to be "Ariel", I get to be my own personal take on a Mermaid.. which means I get to be saucy and petulant if I want, and threaten to drag any passing sailors to their doom. 

I just got booked to be a "Mermaid Oracle" at an upcoming local convention, where I will sit in the jacuzzi and predict the future of everyone who comes to visit.  I'm VERY excited about this one.  I need a really great Mermaid name.  Suggestions?

Speaking of pictures.. I just spent a little time prettying these two up.  Enjoy!

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