Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome to our Newest Entertainer: Jacob

This week has been action-packed, as I've been busy doing lots of training with our newest entertainer, Jacob. He's shaping up to be amazing!

Jacob is based in the San Jose area, and is going to play a lot of new characters to add to Fire Pixie's repertoire.  He's working on characterizations for Cowboy Woody and Batman, in addition to doing characters we already offer in other areas, like Race car drivers and Train engineers and Safari Steve.  He's also going to complete our Scooby Gang - we finally have a Fred!!!

He is learning new skills with the greatest of ease, and is going to be a rockstar balloon twister within the week!  He is gregarious and funny, and very excited about kids and about parties and about life in general.. you guys are going to LOVE him.

Welcome Jacob!

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