Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Party Craft Ideas - Princess Braids!

More great party craft and goodie bag ideas from What's Up Moms!

These Princess braids are perfect for any party, but especially fun for Rapunzel themed parties. If you make the braids themselves beforehand, you can even have your guests decorate them during the party to keep them occupied and having fun until your very own Rapunzel arrives. :)

What you'll need: 
  • Yarn: about 1 skein for each guest. Choose yellow for Rapunzel hair, white for Elsa hair, red for the Little Mermaid, etc.
  • Decorations: flowers for Rapunzel, snowflakes for Elsa, etc. Check your local dollar store for great deals!
  • Hair ties (2 per braid)
  • Ribbon to secure the ends of the braid and hide the hair ties, or get some extra so you can weave it through the braid itself. 

Here are a couple of examples of Rapunzel hair:

Or give them a Frozen twist with white yarn and snowflake decorations: 

And here's the full tutorial (including some other great party craft ideas):


  1. Cute party craft ideas. I am in love with those DIY braids. They are just perfect for frozen parties. My niece is demanding a frozen party for her birthday at her favorite event space NYC and thinking for a DIY party for her. Thanks for ideas!